A woman’s big order at McDonald’s that she placed in the restaurant’s drive-thru has sparked a debate, as a now-viral video shows.

Posted by the @fashionpass account, the video has amassed more than 1 million views as it shows an employee ordering 150 McFlurries at the request of her boss.

While most viewers were shocked, others hinted that they would have quit if faced with such an order.

A woman placing an order for 150 McFlurries at a McDonald’s drive-thru has sparked debate among commentators. Here, customers line up at a McDonald’s drive-thru.

An article published by Nation’s Restaurant News in January 2022 reported that although people are quitting in large numbers, hiring has not seen a significant increase in response.

Data collected by Statista in July 2021 revealed that some of the most common reasons restaurant workers quit their jobs included low pay and tips, concerns about COVID-19 safety, and hostility or harassment of their colleagues.

In the video, messages were broadcast between two employees, with one confirming that he would be ordering the 150 McFlurries.

“When your boss says go get 150 McFlurries,” read the text on the video. “You go get 150 McFlurries.”

In another clip featured in the video, the confirmed order appeared on the drive-thru screen, along with the total of $593.70 to be paid.

A brief video clip showing the two full boxes containing the McFlurries concluded the TikTok.

Viewers shared their thoughts on the order in the comments section.

“And the fact that you did this in the drive-thru is bold,” one viewer wrote.

“I’m complaining at 10-15 on one order in this heat, I’d walk out if this was my store,” another viewer commented.

“So YOU ​​are the one breaking the ice cream machine?” ! one viewer joked.

Many have asked why the order was not placed ahead of time and suggested they should have called ahead to place the order.

“Girl, you should have called ahead, it’s crazy to make them do this through the [drive-thru] in the short term,” wrote one viewer.

However, @fashionpass clarified that they did not expect the order to be placed there.

“We had to order in [the drive-thru] and come back two hours later,” they wrote in the comments section. “We also picked them up throughout the day and were able to celebrate all July birthdays.”

Newsweek contacted @fashionpass for comment.

This isn’t the first time a big order from McDonald’s has gone viral.

A viral TikTok video showed a large order that took 45 minutes to prepare, but it remained in the restaurant because no driver wanted to deliver it to the customer.

Another video featured a McDonald’s employee who claimed to have prepared an order of 6,400 items, which took about 45 minutes to prepare.

A video showing a grocery order via Instacart, which included 115 items, sparked debate among commenters.


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